Healthy Home 101 - Virtual Event

June 24th, 2021

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

(Pacific Standard Time)

A Free Educational Event for All Attendees

The Healthy Home Shift

The impact of COVID-19 continues to play a big role in our lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Americans have realized now more than ever, “there’s no place like home.” And with homes having become workplaces, school spaces, gyms, restaurants, playgrounds, meeting places, dance halls, artist’s retreats, libraries, etc., Americans are demanding their homes be designed and built to provide a flexible, safe, and healthy environment.

Architects, builders, designers, and marketing and sales teams are being overwhelmed with information about how to design, build and sell a healthy home. So, to help make sense of it all and share the latest information, we’ve pulled it all together in the HEALTHY HOME 101 VIRTUAL EVENT.

Everything you need to know about healthy homes all in one place!

The sessions for the half-day HEALTHY HOME 101 Virtual Event have been designed to educate and inspire a variety of audiences about the products, technologies, and resources that go into designing, building, marketing, and selling healthy homes.

Healthy Home Design

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and play in our homes. The America at Home Study takes a look at how the pandemic has shaped what new home buyers are looking for in their new home. In this session, we will take a look at how architects, designers, and builders are meeting buyer demands for floor plans and construction techniques that ensure that their homes are safe and healthy.

Solar Panel

Energy Efficiency, Solar, HVAC & Indoor Air Quality

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality have become as important to new home buyers as location of the home. There are many ways to improve the indoor air quality throughout the home. HVAC Systems are at the heart of a healthy home and HVAC manufacturers have developed high-efficient products, air filtration systems, whole house fans, thermostats, and other controls to ensure that the systems provide a healthier home environment. Since natural gas is a dirty energy source and puts off harmful pollutants, heat pumps are also becoming more popular.

Plumbing Fixtures, Countertops, Flooring, Paint & Other Interior Features

Today’s healthy home includes touchless faucets, toilets, whole home water filtration, and other sensory driven products that help to minimize the possible spread of viruses. Healthy homes are being designed with antimicrobial countertops and surfaces, high-quality vinyl and cork flooring, copper and other materials that are germ-resistant and easier to clean.

Low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints are free of chemicals that emit toxins into the air.

Technology & Appliances

Healthy homes will have appliances that are more digitized, use less energy, have automated sensors, are using anti-bacterial materials, easier to clean, etc. Also, due to the desire to have better indoor air quality, more homes are being built all-electric, using the latest technologies in induction cooktops and heat pump water heaters.

A healthy home uses a variety of technology offerings to ensure the home is safe and healthy. Healthy homes will have touch-free doors and handles to ensure that germs are not shared throughout the home. There are a variety of apps that manage HVAC systems, appliances, plumbing fixtures, IAQ, security, etc. that work together to make a healthy home.


Marketing & Selling the Healthy Home

To ensure your customers know that you are building healthy homes, you’ll need to design a marketing campaign that focuses on all the health benefits your home provides. Those benefits will need to be promoted in all of your marketing channels, especially on your website. Your sales associates will need to become experts on all the products, construction techniques, and hidden features that make your new home a healthy home.

Featured Speakers

CR Herro – VP Innovation, Meritage Homes

Panama Bartholomy – Executive Director, Building Decarbonization Coalition

John Galante – President, AE Ventures/TecHome Build Summit

Rachelle Baucher – Chef/Owner, Kitchens To Life

Sara Gutterman – CEO, Green Builder Media

Mike Moore – Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

Regina Marston – President, Engage Marketing

Maria Meeuwisse – SR. Vice President, Engage Marketing

Nick Brown – President, Build Smart Group

Donald Ruthroff – Principal, DAHLIN Group Architecture | Planning

John Shipman – Senior Director, National Training Business & Education
Franklin Energy Services

Mark Wakefield –  Vice President, Water Techniques

Dave Intner – Senior Advisor, Building Electrification & Codes and Standards Southern California Edison

Ken Johnson – Senior Manager, Performance Construction Cooling & Heating Division Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC

Michael Don Ham – WELL Faculty, Fitwel Amb Co-Founder & President | Pure365

Steve Glenn – Plant Prefab Founder & CEO

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