The Healthy Home "Why"


The mission of Healthy Home Alliance is to promote the Healthy Home movement by providing marketing, education and outreach to stakeholders and partners in the building and lifestyle industries. The goal is to facilitate the adoption of the technologies, products, construction techniques, and clean energy sources that will create the optimum healthy indoor environment for residents, as well as mitigate greenhouse gas emissions for the greater good of the planet.


The vision for the organization is to be the thought leader, advocate, resource, collaborator, and facilitator between various organizations to provide information and solutions to ensure that the Healthy Home movement becomes mainstream in the next five years.


The purpose of Healthy Home Alliance is to be the voice of the Healthy Home movement. The organization will act as a validation point and a comprehensive resource for homebuilders, architects, designers, energy consultants, mortgage companies, remodelers, plumbers, HVAC companies, appraisers, appliance manufacturers, and other home building and remodeling industry stakeholders on how to design, build, sell, and purchase healthy homes. The organization will also provide resources and education to consumers who want to be a part of the Healthy Home movement.