Partnership Opportunities

Healthy Home Alliance Partnership Opportunities

The organization will provide healthy home education to the following audiences:

Healthy Home Alliance:

As an innovative market leader, you have the designs, products, technologies, knowledge and processes integral to designing, building, marketing and selling a Healthy Home Your support and participation are essential to the success of the Healthy Home movement. As a non-profit, Healthy Home Alliance is able to keep its focus on sharing impartial information about every aspect of how to make a home, a Healthy Home.

With your help, Healthy Home Alliance will become the “voice” of the Healthy Home and will push the concept beyond the green home building industry “insiders” to the larger homebuilding industry and to the consumer.

Here’s how to become a Healthy Home Alliance partner:

Healthy Home Partnerships:

  • All-Access Partner: $10,000/ yr
  • Leader Partner: $5,000/ yr.
  • Supporting Partner: $2,500/ yr.
Participate in educating the need for Healthy HomeXXX
Defining and sharing all the benefits of a Healthy HomeXXX
Access to educational webinars & virtual events to promote education on products & processesXXX
Influence builders, architects, “etc.” on the importance of designing & building a healthy home (what’s in it for me)XXX
Learn the connection between Healthy Home benefits and the codes & standards
administered by various municipalities/governing bodies
Increase the power of your voice and actions through collaboration with other industry leadersXXX
Shape the messaging of, and benefit from, a consumer-focused marketing, education, & outreach campaign.XXX
Belong to interactive online communities pre, during and post webinars, events, etc.XXX
Healthy Home Alliance NewsletterXXX
Collaboration with Stakeholders & InfluencersXXX
Participation in Healthy Home online communityXXX
Logo on websiteXX 
Participation in content development & educational events via online outreachXX 
Company/product highlightsXX 
Participate in virtual eventsXX 
Registration to virtual eventsXX 
Targeted email campaigns to membersXX 
Share blogs & videos on the websiteX  
Links to the company websiteX  
Speaking opportunities at virtual eventsX  
Company feature in newsletterX  
Company feature on websiteX  

If you’re interested in partnership or speaking opportunities at an upcoming Healthy Home virtual event, contact us